CSA with Carrie: Arugula pizza, kale chips and lemony dill

This week’s pick up included: cut-leaf arugula, baby kale, spring onions, dill, sugar snap peas, Norland baby red potatoes and a snack basket of strawberries.

There are some things in the weekly CSA basket that you use quickly because you know exactly what to do with them – and then there are new foods that might stump you for a minute. This week, between a couple new recipes and some old favourites, I was able to cook up the potatoes, onions, peas and arugula all pretty quickly – the strawberries barely made it in the house!

Simple roasted potatoes

I roasted the Norland Potatoes in the oven with some onion, parsnip and carrots – then added some minced garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper (or use whatever is in reach). Yum!

Arugula on pizza!

I made tortilla pizzas with the kids for lunch one day and tossed some fresh arugula leaves on mine. I love the peppery flavor and it pairs especially well with lemon. Arugula and lemon vinaigrette is fantastic!

Extra crunchy kale chips

I plan on trying kale chips again this year. Last year was the first time I even ate kale and though the young leaves make a fine salad, I like even more crunch. This year I have purchased an oven thermometer to get to know my oven better. I have already learned that my oven’s temperature is way off, especially the hotter it gets, which more than likely contributes to some of my cooking challenges. I hope that it helps get my kale chips nice and crispy (without the charring this time) 😉

Lemon loves dill

The other conundrum I had was with dill. I use the fern-like early dill in dips, sauces, canning, salads or cream dill with new potatoes (it’s one of our favourites). But I’ve never used this taller type for anything other than canning. Lots of research and a phone conversation to my Aunt helped me discover that I could use it the same way as the fern-like dill.

Dill pairs amazingly with lemon. Lemon, dill and a fillet of fish with some asparagus would make a great summer meal. I used it with shrimp. Try this Grilled Lemon-Dill Shrimp recipe from Taste of Home.

My Aunt also gave me a great tip to deal with the extra dill. Stuff it into a canning jar, freeze and take it out when required! What a great hack.

I have few more dill recipes pinned at A Spoonful of Local, from potatoes to chicken and even a scone recipe. And here’s a twist on a classic: Potato Salad with Black Olives from Christine Cushing.

Enjoy! Happy Cooking! Carrie