Fig, Neverella


Full sun, Zone 7 

*Not hardy in Alberta – must be grown inside!*

Ficus carica ‘Neverella’

Pot size #2

One of the earliest cultivated fruits, the Neverella fig is a worthy addition to any fruit enthuiast’s collection. With brown skin, and nearly translucent flesh, this medium-sized fig is absolutely delicious! Recommended for fresh eating, canning, or drying.

The basic requirements of a productive container-grown fig tree are as follows:

  • a container with drainage (at minimum a 5 gallon container – we prefer to use 22″ Patio Planters)
  • a mixed blend of topsoil, potting soil, and compost
  • a location that receives more than 6 hours of direct sunlight a day (more is better) from May through September
  • a warm temperature from June through September (can be outside or inside, recommended  18 degrees Celsius or warmer, on average
  • an indoor space to overwinter in dormancy (we recommend a temperature between 0-10 degrees Celsius to ensure dormancy)

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