Blue Flag Iris


Plants form a clump of dark green foliage that has sword-shaped leaves. The stems of the Iris are upright and are able to hold up the very large blooms. From the month of May to early June, there may be several showy, purplish-blue blooms that will appear. These blooms have six petals. In the centre there are three sepals that curve gracefully downward, or flopped over, and then there are three smaller upright petals. The coloring on the blue flag Iris is majestic: a splash of white and yellow near the centre, with purple veins, and three paler petals which are upright and stiff. The leaves of this variety are long and lance-shaped and get to be about 3cm wide, and 80cm tall. It is one of the most widespread native Iris varieties, and is usually found growing naturally from southern Manitoba eastward into the Atlantic provinces.

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