CSA Terms and Conditions


• I understand that through my participation, I am supporting more than an individual farm. I am also creating opportunity to create a local, sustainable food system.
• I understand that farming is a seasonal and unpredictable undertaking, and that the exact selections and quantities included in the weekly distribution will change as the season progresses.
• I recognize that I am taking on some of the rewards and risks of farming. I can rejoice in bountiful harvest when conditions are favorable, and may have to come to terms with low crop yields and crop failures due to weather, weeds or pests. I will share the bounty equally with fellow CSA members.
• I will pick up my veggies each week during the harvest season. If I cannot pick up my vegetables, I will send a friend, neighbour, or family member on my behalf.  If I have not picked up my vegetables by the end of the pick-up time (5:00pm on Sunday), I understand that they have been donated to someone in need and cannot be picked up at a later time.
• I will try to remember bring back my County Bounty Bag or box to transport my food.
• I am open to the challenge of trying new vegetables & planning meals with seasonal harvests in mind.
Garden Learning & Work Share Opportunity
Although this is not mandatory, we would love for you to be involved first hand in learning about growing and harvesting food on our farm, and welcome your visits as often as you like! We would invite you to participate on the farm by volunteering to be a part of our farm team!

Please contact Tam with any questions. 780.909.6601 / 780.921.2272 / Tam@prairiegardens.org