What the Heck is a Haskap?

They are Beasts, Beauties and Blizzards of a delightful hardy to -50C berry bush that you can easily grow in your garden, with extraordinary health benefits. The bushes are robust, and offer a great privacy screen, but are not too tall or very wide – so can be grown in a small space. The berry flavor is a unique and wonderful combination of sweet and tart, often described as being similar to a mix of huckleberry, raspberry and blueberry. But they are way easier to grow, without the fussiness of blueberries for acidic soil, huckleberries for mountain tops, or the pruning needed for raspberries! The best part? Kids love them! It’s easy to eat healthy when it’s fun to pick them in your own back yard.

These berries are nutritional powerhouses: They are packed with goodness and are fun to eat! You can make excellent homemade jams and pies, they are perfect to eat fresh picked, or to toss in fresh to sparkle up a salad, or for a sundae topping for ice cream, or to make a sassy bbq sauce with.

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They are loaded with:

  • Anthocyanins: These compounds give them their vibrant color and have antioxidant properties.
  • Polyphenols: Known for their health benefits, polyphenols contribute to overall well-being.
  • Vitamin C: Haskaps boast extraordinarily high levels of this essential vitamin.

Each of these superfruit berries is shaped like a small torpedo about the size of 1/2 your little finger, about 2.5cm long. They are a rich dark blue berry that ripens a week or two before strawberries. Excellent for pies, jams, jellys and coulis, the sweetest of them all is Aurora – which is also great to eat fresh out of hand. Her pollinator buddies are Borealis or Indigo Gem. Aurora will cross pollinate with Blizzard, which in turn pollinates with Beast and Beauty – giving you a six week season of berry picking! They are sticklers for the correct pollination buddies, and like to hang out with their own special crowd. Ask us to guide you on picking the correct combinations! Space them about 4-6 feet apart. They grow 6′ tall.

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