Earthwalks Experiences

Not your ordinary tour: Guided journeys on a Canadian farm north of Edmonton on Treaty Six lands.


Saturdays – 10:30 am | Sundays – 1:00 pm

Leave the City Behind! Explore ancient earth and cultural wisdom traditions of Canadian North on Treaty Six Lands through guided journeys and family activities.

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Are you wondering where to find goats for your Goatfi? Book a Goat Schnuggle to get up and close with the Prairie Garden goats for a Goatfie. Adventure awaits, and so do our charming goats.

Full Rules and Regulations | Mini Rules (The Short Version)

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All participants under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Young Children (ages 2-5): $15

Family of Four: $199
Additional Family Member $50

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ALL INCLUSIVE DAY OUT (Includes Farm Fresh Lunch & Goat Schnuggles)

Individuals: $69 - All participants under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult
Young Children (ages 2-5): $25

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What is Earthwalks?

Earthwalks are rooted in nature, providing a new way of sensing familiar things, sharpening perceptions, nurturing empathy and stilling oneself to let nature in. Earthwalks are fun, but not frivolous. They are a serious educational and interpretive response to our increasing separation from the planet’s natural systems.

Carefully Crafted Guidelines

Earthwalks range from 45-70 minutes and utilize 4-6 activities that are meant to be carefully chosen and linked together in a seamless flow, where one activity moves purposefully into another. These walks have been workshopped and used by outdoor leaders around the world for decades.

Get Up Close & Personal with Nature

Earthwalks aim to develop 4 successive feelings “for this incredible planet we share and its amazing natural systems and communities of life.”

Each activity is designed to generate 1 of the 4 key feelings:

  1. Joy at being in touch with the elements of life.
  2. Kinship with all living things.
  3. Reverence for natural communities.
  4. Love for the earth.

Find Your Earth Walk

We are alive on a sacred, living earth. Each person’s life journey—known by some as their “earth walk”—is an opportunity to remember the wisdom found around the world and within ourselves. We need this wisdom now more than ever before. Join us on a walk on a Canadian farm in a setting of modern farming, a wild forest, and indigenous teachings.

An Earthwalk is a fun, interactive experience in nature for all ages. Get away from the hectic pace we call life for about an hour and get to know familiar and unfamiliar things in a new way.

What to Bring

You need no supplies or gear, just your curiosity and follow a few simple rules:

  • Plan to be there from the start of the walk to its finish.
  • Adults and children fully participate and stay with the group - there are no observers.
  • It’s a rare chance to disconnect from distractions, and just be in the moment!

If interested in scheduling an Earthwalk for an event or a private group, email

Earthwalks is not a hiking or backpacking program. It has provided cross-cultural, environmental education and volunteer opportunities that give you a chance to be one with nature.

Experiences renew and nourish the fire of spirit and connect to joy and humour amidst life’s challenges. They offer a bridge between wisdom teachings and our contemporary life.

Earth Walks is located on traditional Treaty Six land and welcomes participants as families and friends to enjoy the National Healing Forest on private lands - with the guidance of the Prairie Gardens team, and indigenous elders, with a variety of activities.

Each program can be tailored for your specific group, or you can just sign up for a short 1.5-hour tour to see what it's all about.

  • Drum making, Moss Planting, Weaving, Braiding Sweetgrass and other traditional art
  • Storytelling, poetry, music-making and ceremonial dancing
  • Planting or harvesting in the fields
  • Preparing, cooking and enjoying a meal of traditional foods
  • Sharing silence on the land in places of inspiring natural beauty and power
  • Helping with Standing Bear Community service projects that offer ways to both serve and learn

A Pinch of Magic & A Pound of Adventure!