We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be doing guided u-pick pumpkin tours this year! We grow over 30 different kinds of pumpkins – white ones, blue ones, stripey ones, warty ones, itty-bitty ones, giant ones, and ones perfect for making pumpkin pie.
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We love the fall and we love sharing what we know and what we grow with visitors! This year will look very different from years past – there will be no Haunted Pumpkin Festival at Prairie Gardens for the first time in 23 years. However, we have developed programs designed to connect you and your family back to the land while still celebrating all that we love about harvest season on the farm. We hope to continue adding programs as we go forward into late September and October and look forward to hearing about your experiences on the farm this year! The following is some of what we have planned for this September and October:

Pumpkin U-Pick

Bring your family for the farm for a good ol’ fashioned pumpkin u-pick and hay ride around the farm! This is the perfect way to get outdoors with your family, enjoy the wide open spaces on the farm, and learn a bit about how pumpkins grow. Tickets are required for each person, but children 2 and under are free! Tickets are $30/person and include the following:

  • Wagon ride around the farm (maximum of 2 families in the wagon at one time). Feel the straw under your feet and see how many different colours of leaves you can spot on your way to the pumpkin patch.
  • Access to the corn and sunflower mazes. Enjoy running through our trio of 15-minute mazes and discover the many wonderful ways you can use sunflowers.
  • Guided educational farm tour. Learn about what grows in Alberta, how our farm stays sustainable, and, of course, how to pick your very own pumpkin! Did you know that we’re the only Blue Pumpkin farm north of the 56th parallel in the world?
  • Pumpkin Hunt. Once you learn how to pick your own pumpkin, spend some time in our fields hunting for the perfect one to take home.
  • $10 credit per ticket towards whichever pumpkins you fall in love with.

To ensure appropriate social distancing throughout your pumpkin picking experience and protect your safety above all else, a maximum of 6 tickets can be purchased under 1 reservation. If you have a large family or close-knit group with more than 6 members, please make multiple reservations. As children 2 years old and under are not required to buy a ticket, you do not have to include them in your count.


Pumpkin Picnic

Although our summer picnics have just gotten underway, we’re enjoying them so much – and have heard you are too – so we will continue them into the fall. We’re still working on creating the perfect fall menu, but know we’ll have some delicious farm-baked pumpkin scones, crunchy veggies grown right on the farm, enough sweets and treats to honour the season, and more-than-enough mouth-watering morsels to fill you and your family right up on a crisp fall day!

Picnic boxes are designed for 2 people and are $60ea. No need to buy tickets for kids 8 or under – there’s more than enough food to enjoy. Have more than 2 people? Just add on as many additional boxes as you need…it doesn’t hurt to bring home some tasty morsels to enjoy the next day either!

All-In Fall Decor Kit

Want to bring a piece of the farm back with you? We’ve created the perfect fall porch decor kit, which includes the following for $95.00:

  • 2 Cornstalk Bundles (12 stalks/bundle)
  • 1 Square Strawbale
  • 1 Scarecrow
  • $50.00 credit for all the pumpkins you fall in love with
  • In-person demonstration on how to put it all together and create your own magic at home. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like – the experts are at your disposal!

Looking to spend more time on the Farm? Check out our Add-Ons!

  • Take-Home Gem Mining Kit. Love precious gems and minerals? Want something fun to do after you get home? Our Gem-Mine Kit is perfect for hot sunny days when you want to play in the water.
  • Little Bear Gelato Ice Cream. Choose a pint (or two…or three…) from the following melt-in-your-mouth flavours: Raspberry Sorbet, Strawberry Sorbet, Belgian Chocolat, Lemon Basil Sorbet, or Mango Passionfruit Sorbet
  • Farm Animal Discovery Tour. Learn about our farm animals as a family! Enjoy viewing and feeding the chickens, goats, and sheep. Feel how soft a bunny is, and don’t forget to take some photos!
Book Here For U-Pick Pumpkins

Rain Check Policy

We understand that Alberta weather can be unpredictable! Please see our rain check policy below:

Before 10:00AM the date of your u-pick pumpkin reservation
  • call 780.921.2272 to re-book and we’ll be happy to arrange another date for your u-pick pumpkin tour
After 10:00AM the date of your u-pick pumpkin reservation
  • we’re expecting you – please plan on coming! If you’re running late, we’re happy to move your appointment to a later time

There are no refunds for u-pick pumpkin reservations. No-shows (with no notice) will not be refunded.


Not Interested in U-Pick?

Don’t worry! We’ll have our general store, farm market, and a pumpkin shop open through the fall if you’re stopping by for the essentials! We’ll have more information about our pumpkin shop online once we get a bit closer to the end of September.

We also love to customize – just send us an email at tam@prairiegardens.org if you want to plan out your perfect day at the farm in a different way than what we have laid out!