Tomatoes! Tomatoes! Tomatoes!

To Order: email with the varieties and quantities you want!

Cherry Tomatoes

Early Girl Tomato

Sweet Million [4″ – $5.00ea]

Tiny Tim [4packs – $5.00]

Sungold Cherry [4packs -$5.00/pack]

Mid-Size Tomatoes 

Mystery Keeper [4″ – $5.00ea]

Starfire [4″ – $5.00ea]

Early Girl [4packs – $5.00/pack] Small

Ultra Girl [4packs – $5.00/pack] Small

Taxi Yellow [4″ – $5.00ea]

Large Tomatoes 

Black Sea Man Beefsteak Tomato

Tasmanian Chocolate [4″ – $5.00ea; 1 gallon – $13.00ea]

Black Sea Man Russian [4″ – $5.00ea]

Bush Beefsteak [4″-$5.00ea] Small

Big Beef Beefsteak [4″-$5.00ea] Small

Roma Tomatoes 

Cream Sausage Roma [4pack – $5.00/pack]

Ukrainian Purple Roma [4″ $5.00ea]

Veroma [4pack – $5.00/package]