This is the third year that we have enjoyed the Pumpkin Festival. We also enjoy the Fairy Berry and the Corn Festival. Keep up the great work!!! I would also like to add that my 2.5 year old daughter REALLY enjoyed the dragon theme that you had this year. In particular the costumed dragons you had wandering around at the Corn Festival and at the Pumpkin Festival.As you can see in the photos, she dressed up as a dragon and spent the week before the Pumpkin Festival talking about how she was going to “kiss the dragon” and “shake the dragon’s tail” and “dance with the dragon.” Luckily, there was a VERY kind person in the dragon costume (Sat.18th) who spent LOTS of time dancing and “holding hands” with my daughter. We can’t wait for next year! (BTW, we live in Athabasca where I run a small playgroup, I talked about the Pumpkin Festival so much that everyone in my playgroup ended up going! Everyone loved it! You do a very good job!) Thank-you and see you next year.

Tracey Woodburn, Athabasca, AB