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Northsky Blueberries are this Week's Fruit of the Week!

Northsky blueberries produce clusters of sweet, lovely-to-snack-on blueberries in mid-summer. Their foliage also turns a remarkable red in the fall, making them a beautiful ornamental bush as well as a great producer!

Northsky are self-pollinating, but do produce more berries if planted next to another blueberry bush, one such as Northcountry or a native blueberry. Blueberries also like quite acidic soil - so a moist spot next to a spruce or pine tree is perfect. The combination of its hardiness, tasty berries, and beautiful fall foliage make the Northsky blueberry one of our favourties!

Farm curbside pick-up takes place Saturdays from 10am-12pm, if these times do not work for you please send us an email at and we'll arrange a time that does work!

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