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Our Rose Garden Collection includes five hardy roses that are both beautiful and fragrant!

Chinook Sunrise: This rose is the most recently released one in our collection - first becoming available in 2019 - and has continued to surprise us. From the heavenly fragrance of the blossoms, to their unique colouring, a soft peach with a yellowed center, Chinook Sunrise has blown us away. Not to mention that it's low maintenance. Zone 3.

Bill Reid: This rose has stunned us with its unusual apricot blossoms - something that sets it apart from more traditional roses. Fragrant blossoms that continue into Early Fall make this rose one of our favourites. Zone 3.

Hansa: This may be an old-fashioned rose, but the fragrance simply cannot be beat (some things just can't be improved upon)! The Hansa produces stunning electric violet roses that recur throughout the summer, beginning in early spring. Zone 2.

John Davis (Climbing Rose): This rose was designed in the fashion of English Climbing Roses and produces clusters of up to 17 - 17! - pale pink roses throughout the summer. Excellent against a trellis, arbor, or against the house, the John Davis is stunning. Zone 2.

Adelaide Hoodless: This rose blooms all summer, producing vibrant red roses against dark glossy green leaves that also make excellent cut flowers. It's also an extremely hardy, reliable rose that's sure to always come through our cold winters. Zone 2.

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