Heritage Chickens at the Farm

Our family has been devoted to raising and caring for heritage chicken breeds for the last twenty years. We're proud to contribute to the conservancy of several rare and unique breeds. For decades visitors have been able to come to the farm and enjoy viewing our diverse flock, but in more recent years we have become dedicated to increasing our visitors' ability to engage with our fine-feathered friends and provide more in-depth educational experiences about our heritage breeds.

Breeds Available 2021

  • Plymouth Barred Rock

    The breed Barred Plymouth Rock originated in the United States in the mid-19th century. Layers of brown eggs, Barred Plymouths are laid-back, winter-hardy chickens that make a great additional to backyard flocks. They can lay up to 300 eggs a year!

  • Ameraucana

    These delightful birds (a personal favourite on the farm) are known for their green, yes, you read that right, green eggs. They originated in America in the 1970s and lay around 180 eggs a year.

  • Buff Orpington

    This gentle giant originated in the UK in the nineteenth century and was bred by William Cook. Though the first Orpington developed was black, the Buff Orpignton is now the most common - made popular for its calm and friendly demeanor. Orpingtons lay around 200 light brown eggs a year.

  • Golden-Laced Cochin (Bantam)

    Cochins were brought over from China to Britain in the 1850s under the name "Pekin." The Golden-Laced Cochin is an extremely docile, friendly breed, that love to brood - they are ideal pets for children! Bantams lay around 100 small white eggs a year.