Paper Birch


One of the most popular accent trees. A graceful weeping tree that has leaves that are serrated and deeply cut. The leaves are a beautiful dark green shade that will turn yellow in the Fall. The branches are pendulous, and the white bark is extremely showy and adds interest to your backyard. The shape of this deciduous tree is a rounded form, has an extremely fine and delicate texture.



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Full sun, rabbit and drought resistant, zone 2

Betula papyrifera

Pot size #5

Large native tree. Reddish young bark matures to white, papery, peeling layers. Oval, toothed, green foliage turns bright yellow-gold in fall. Tolerates many types of soils. Prefers afternoon shade. Drought tolerant once established. Prune only in full-leaf.

50-60′ tall x 20′ wide