Manchurian Walnut


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Full sun to part shade, Zone 2b

Juglans mandschuria

Pot size #1 (3-6″)

Our hardiest walnut, the Manchurian produces large thick-shelled nuts that have an excellent flavour. Their cold hardiest makes them a must-have for any northern nut orchard. As they boast a reported hardiness up to -45 degrees Celsius they are definitely worthy of trial even in zone 2 climates. Ideally you should plant walnuts in a protected location (minimal wind exposure) in deep, rich soil for best results.

Please note: walnuts produce a substance called juglone in their roots, nut shells, and leaves. Juglone inhibits the growth of most fruit trees, and native species such as larch and pine, so you should choose your planting location carefully.

50′ by 30′ wide