Sea of Gold® Juniper


The Blueberry Juniper has a ground-hugging habit of growth, and is a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub. It arches and sprawls. The needles and the fruit are highly ornamental. The berries grow in abundance and are blue colored; forming from late spring to late winter. The foliage is a powder blue with silver stripes. In the Fall the needles will turn a copper color. Great to use as a mass planting, or as a groundcover.




Full sun, partial shade, attracts birds, deer and drought resistant, zone 3

Juniperus x pfit. ‘MonSan’

Pot size #2, #5

Feathery textured foliage with the most vivid golden colour that intensifies in cold weather. Use for year-round accent plant, informal hedges, borders or rock gardens. Drought tolerant once established in a moist, well-drained soil.

3′ tall by 4′ wide