Nova Easygro Apple


Nova Easygro is a medium to large apple. The skin is yellow-green complemented by a dull red blush over most of its surface, and is fine and thin in texture. The flesh is snow-white with a yellowish tinge and a yellow core; crisp, crunchy and mildly juicy. This apple is similar in flavour to Cortland and has also been compared to Ambrosia: sweet balanced perfectly with a little tartness. It is an ‘appley’ apple in the best sense. Some people also say it tastes like high-quality apple juice. It is one of our favourite apples for fresh eating but would also make fantastic juice. It is ready for harvest in late September or early October, and stores for up to 6 months. Its flavour and texture will both improve during the first four months in storage, and the apple will be at its best around late December. Also makes for delicious cider.

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