A Guide to Approximate Pumpkin Weights

Pumpkin size and weight can vary dramatically between different varieties. Please indicate in the notes if you have any special requirements (i.e. you want soccer-ball size pumpkins, you want 2 x 10lb pumpkins, you want one giant 40lb pumpkin, you need a certain number of pumpkins, etc.) and feel free to call (780-921-2272) if you have any questions before you order. We have created a guide of approximate pumpkin weights below. *Depending on availability, we may contact you to adjust your order after you place it online.*

  • Minis ~ 1lb/pumpkin
  • Orange ~ 5-40lbs/pumpkin
  • Yellow ~ 5-30lb/pumpkin
  • White ~ 2-20lbs/pumpkin
  • Blue ~ 5-40lbs/pumpkin
  • Pink ~ 10-20lbs/pumpkin
  • Surprise ~ 5-40lbs/pumpkin

Prices listed are per pound.

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