Prairie Artisan Preserves


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Prairie Gardens’ Artisan Preserves: Pickles, Piccalillis, and Honey

Looking to support your community and buy from a local farm? Or do you want to experiment with charcuterie boards this Christmas and share some delicious pickles and spreads with your family? We are proud to present our Prairie Artisan Preserves – all featuring vegetables grown on the farm or honey from our hives!

Honey: Our bees collect nectar from canola, zucchini blossoms, bachelor buttons, marigolds, pumpkin blossoms, borage flowers, sunchokes, fuchsias, begonias, wildflowers, broccoli, garlic, chives, nasturtiums, apple blossoms, plums, and hundreds of other flowers, creating a sweet and nuanced flavour. Excellent for tea, toast, figs, peanut butter sandwiches, and desserts.

Dill Pickles:

Fermented Tomato and Squash BBQ Sauce: This BBQ sauce is full of flavour (but low in sugar), which makes it a healthier alternative to traditional BBQ sauces. It has quite the tang, which makes it ideal to be used on pizzas, omelets, scrambled eggs, chicken, and steaks.

Cauliflower Piccalilli: English-style cauliflower mustard chutney. Great served on a charcuterie selection of cheeses, meats, pickles, as a part of a sandwich or traditional ploughman’s lunch, or as part of a breakfast egg and cheese melt.

Pickled Bread and Butter Carrots:

Twisted Tomato Jam: Featuring our heirloom tomatoes, our Twisted Tomato Jam is a ridiculously delicious fermentation, perfect for pizza sauce, pasta sauce, or bruschetta. Also pairs well with aged cheddar, brie, camembert, eggs, and avocado toast.

Farm curbside pick-up takes place Thursdays from 10am-12pm, if these times do not work for you please send us an email at and we will arrange a time that works!