Trailing False Lamium


Part of the mint family. Also known as the Yellow Archangel. It is versatile and is a semi-evergreen. A perennial that can be used as groundcover, or as a trailing accent plant in a container. This plant can tolerate less than optimal situations and still perform well being tolerant of heat, dry soils, and alkalinity. Yellow archangels can grow up to 1 – 1.5 feet high and will spread rapidly. These stems spread out horizontally over the ground and can root wherever it comes in contact with the soil.

The leaves are ovate to heart-shaped with coarsely toothed margins. Leaves of this Lamium are dark green or green marked with silver. There are irregular, yellow flowers that are held upright on stalks that will be produced in late spring and early summer. Will also produce small fruit nutlets. The overall shape of this Lamium is creeping and mounded. Because it is an aggressive grower ensure that you are keeping an eye on its growth.

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