PowWow White Coneflower


Coneflowers have a daisy shaped bloom, and is a sun-loving perennial. This variety is often confused for being a daisy, or a Mum, but Echinacea purpurea ‘PowWow White’ is a luminous Coneflower with large, pure white flowers. The flower can get to be about 10 cm across. The petals grow in a skirt formation, overlapping, and down-ward arching. The cone of this Coneflower is a golden yellow. It is well branched and has numerous flowering stems that are sturdy and upright. This variety is an early bloomer, is compact, and is perfect for small gardens and containers. Extremely showy and vigorous.

Also known as Echinacea, which has been cultivated since the 1700s, both in North America and Europe. It is used commonly as treatment and medicine, and is easily grown since they thrive on neglect.


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