Pastel Splendor Itoh Peony


Itoh Peonies are rare and unusual hybrids between Garden Peonies and Tree Peonies. There are several varieties, all highly sought after by collectors, yet are easy to grow and very hardy. This selection forms a midsized upright bush of lush green leaves. Very large flowers emerge pastel, creamy-yellow with prominent dark maroon blotches in the centre. As the flowers mature, light pink appears from the petal tips toward the centre. Peonies seldom need to be divided or moved, but if necessary it should be carried out only in the fall. Flowering is always best in a sunny location. Clean up the dead leaves in the fall to help prevent disease problems. Plants usually die to the ground, or to very low woody stems in the winter. Flowers on cut stems have a short life which makes them less suitable in arrangements. A better alternative for indoor display, cut about an inch below a bloom and float in a rose bowl.

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