Hopewell Hens and Chicks


Hens and Chicks are some of the most familiar garden perennials. They form a low clump of fleshy leaves where tiny new plants will appear in a circle around the mother, which is in the middle. This variety “Hopewell” forms large-sized rosettes which are a bright uniform jade green shade, and has pointy leaves. The leaves are tight and upright. Winter brings out a deep burgundy tone that may turn pink in Spring.  It is a good clumper and fast growing. In the Summer, short spikes of flowers in a pastel shade may sprout. The Hopewell is incredibly frost hardy.

Sempervivums are comprised of one large rosette called the “hen” which will then sprout many smaller rosettes around it called the “chicks”. As the plants age, the hen may die out and be replaced by the chicks. Plants can be easily divided and replanted. Particularly used for borders, containers, rock gardens, or as ground-covering. Sempervivums are monocarpic.

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