The Whole Dang Applecart! Orchard Package


Honeycrisp: Large, mottled red-over-yellow apple. Notably crisp and juicy, excellent for fresh eating, cooking, juice or storing (up to 6 months).

Haralson: The apples that are formed are dark red with a yellowish blush, and with a white flesh that is tart and juicy. Haralson is great in baking as it holds its shape and texture, but also great for fresh eating and made into ciders. Keeps for 4 months.

Prairie Sensation: Known to produce apples that are juicy, crisp, and have a lovely sweet flavor. Great option for you if you are looking for apples that are great for fresh eating, or used in pies. Stores for up to 4 months.

Norkent: Green with red streaks. Good eating fresh, baking and storage qualities. Medium-large, hardy, crisp, juicy, late summer apple tastes similar to Golden Delicious.

Kerr: Hardy, productive, late-season, purple-red apple/crab cross with yellow flesh. Excellent for preserves, juices and stores for up to 6 months. Often added to cider blends to add character. Sweetens after first frost. .

Honeycrisp: The apples that are formed on this tree are large, crisp, and juicy. They have a mottled red-over-yellow coloring to them, and are excellent for fresh eating, cooking, juicing, or storing for up to 6 months.

Battleford: Extremely hardy with pale, yellowish, green fruit with a dull red blush, while the flesh is fairly crisp and slightly tart. Good for eating and cooking with

Heyer #12: The apples are medium sized and yellowish green skinned. The white flesh has a coarse texture; good for eating fresh and cooking. These apples will keep well when they are picked underripe. Excellent for applesauce.

Harcourt: Medium-sized, red striped and naturally lightly waxed apple with a crisp, mild-flavoured white flesh. Excellent for eating, baking and juicing. Ripens late summer – early fall.

Gloria: Medium-sized, red speckled fruit with a sweet and slightly spicy strawberry flavor. Great for fresh eating and cooking. Requires another apple within 150m (500′) for pollination. Gloria has proven to be an early-producer that has consistent yields of bountiful fruit.

Prairie Magic: Hardy Manitoba apple. Medium-large green fruit with red blush, ripens in mid-September. Lightly scented, white, spring blossoms. Sweet and crisp texture. Excellent for fresh eating/cooking.

Fall Red: The apples are large ruby-red apples that have a white flesh. The apples are usually ready for picking from late summer – early Fall. The apples have a sweet taste and a crisp texture. The apples are most often used for fresh eating and cooking

Odyssey: he apple ripens late Summer, and has a yellow-green skin with red blush. The fruit is sweet and has a crisp texture, which lends itself for baking, preserving, or eating fresh right off of the tree.

Norland: A small tree that is grown for its edible qualities; sweet taste and a crisp texture. The apples are a red blush color with a white flesh. Because its an early variety it does not keep well, but makes a great juice. Ready at the end of August.

Goodland: Large, light green apple with a red blush. Crisp, late summer apple for eating fresh, cooking and can be stored for up to 4 months.

TreasuRed: Great option for those that are looking for a compact apple tree. The apples on this tree are a bright cherry red color, large in size, and smooth with a waxy appearance. The fruit ripens mid-September and stores well. The texture and flavour of the TreasuRed is similar to the McIntosh apple.

September Ruby: The hardiest apple tree for the north (zone 1). A large, sweet, bright red, fall apple excellent for fresh eating and juicing with good storage qualities.

Rescue: Fruit is small, red with a yellow underlay, and has a firm yellowish white colored flesh. An extremely hardy tree that will ripen in early August. Though the tree is hardy, the apples do not store well. Great used in cooking, jellies, and for fresh eating.

Dolgo: A tree that produces abundant and bright red coloured edible crabapples. Harvest in late summer and make for great coloured jelly. The crabapples have a creamy white flesh, with a tart taste, and a firm texture.

Trail: Don’t be fooled by the size of the fruit, Trail is a major asset to any orchard! Trail is renown for its cider qualities and can also be eaten fresh or made into mouth-watering jellies. Fruit is ready in early September.

Red Gemini: Medium-sized, red apple. Crisp, sweet, and juicy white flesh that ripens in late summer. Great for fresh eating or cooking and stores well into the new year.

Red Sparkle: A medium-sized, green apple with red stripes. Good for eating fresh and baking. Stores well if picked under-ripe. Fruit will drop when ripe in summer. Heavy producer early in life

Kandy Crisp: A new 2024 release, Kandy Crisp is a cross between Goodland and Gemini. It produces large apples that are red with some at the end russeting. Excellent prairie apple with firm, crisp flesh. Well-suited for fresh eating, baking, and storage.

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We’re crazy about apples at Prairie Gardens and we love helping families get their own orchards underway! We’ve created an orchard package for anyone who’s as crazy about apples as we are. All of the varieties in the package are tried-and-true in Alberta, which means that they’re cold-hardy, productive, and easy to grow!

Each The Whole Dang Orchard Package includes 8 x #5 Cold-Hardy Apples, from the following categories:

  • 1 Keeper
  • 1 Cider
  • 1 Baking
  • 2 Fresh Eating
  • 1 Multi-Purpose
  • 1 Applecrab
  • 1 Dwarf

This Orchard Package also includes a farm tour, and a 1-on-1 knowledge-sharing experience with an orchardist.

Many of our apples are multi-purpose, which means that even if it’s just listed in one category, it may be suited for others as well. For example, we’ve listed Honeycrisp in our Keeper category, because it lasts tremendously well – up to 6 months! However, Honeycrisp is also suited for fresh-eating, baking, juicing, and making cider.

Our Orchard Packages are flexible – we’re happy to work with you to plan the best possible apple orchard for your home. Let us know if you’d like us to customize a package for you! Just call 780-921-2272 or send an email to!