DIY 14″ Hanging Basket Workshop

$75.00 +tax per person

Every participant will have one 14″ Hanging Basket and Tea & Treats included for the workshop. All attending adults must register. Children can either be registered as a Participant (if they would like to make their own basket), or they can be registered as a Child (if they would simply like to help an adult make their basket). All attending children 3+ must be registered. Please list any dietary needs/restrictions in the notes.

If you would like to make more than one 14″ Hanging Basket, simply add on however many you would like!

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Please Pick a Date

Need more than one basket? Just add on as many as you like!

Please add any dietary needs or restrictions here for the Easter Tea & Treats! If you don’t have any, simply write “None.”


Gather some friends and join us for treats and tea. Then, we’ll get planting! Our greenhouses are the perfect place to grow your own hanging basket this spring!  We’ll set you up for success –with everything you need –the container, the soil, slow release fertilizer, and plants galore for sun or for shade. We’ll teach you how to plant them up, and the best part? Leave them with us to grow in the greenhouse. Our experienced team will grow them on for you. Come back for them at the end of May – when it’s time to hang them outdoors!

This class will teach you what’s possible to grow in containers for a beautiful and easy to care for hanging basket. Learn sustainable techniques that will let you seamlessly create a beautiful patio, front yard welcome, or shady nook colour. Every participant will enjoy an Easter Tea with Treats, and a demo on how to plant. Our team will be there to assist you every step along the way as you create your own masterpiece for this summer!

In addition to the culture requirements of each of the flowers, the topics covered in class will include: soil preparation, heat and light requirements, frost control, pinching and deadheading tricks, organic pest control, fertilizing, and easy care techniques.

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