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The restrictions imposed by Sturgeon County are not sustainable, so Prairie Gardens is temporarily closed. Find out how you can help below!
Effective immediately, as of  August 17th at 3:55pm, Sturgeon County has imposed the following restrictions on Prairie Gardens:
  • Attendance shall be limited to "one hundred (100) members of the public per day (excluding residents and employees of the Lands) between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM and zero (0) members of the public shall be in attendance on the Lands at anytime between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM including for camping or cleanup from an event."
  • No events shall occur on either parcel of land. Events are defined as a “limited term commercial activity or gathering that may include entertainment, food and beverage services, additional parking, and other additional services. Examples may include weddings, ceremonies, retreats, parties, corporate functions, concerts, tradeshows, markets, and farm-to-table dinners.”
Sturgeon County sent a press release to the media on August 24th, advising of the Stop Order and commented on the restrictions imposed:

"This means, effective immediately, Prairie Gardens is no longer able to continue Intensive Agricultural Operations, including greenhouse, u-pick, market gardens, as well as Agritourism Operations including corn maze, hayrides, and other small-scale events, until further notice."

Sturgeon County has also advised us that should we break any of the above restrictions:

"Sturgeon County will commence issuing provincial violation tickets with a minimum fine of $500 for the first offence and an additional $1000 fine for every calendar day the offence continues... The offence will be deemed to continue on any day that Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm is advertising and open to public attendance, despite presence of the public on the property at a given time."

Sturgeon County has, however, has permitted the following:

"Extensive Agricultural and Extensive Livestock operations can continue - this includes the raising and cultivation of crops and livestock. Any small-scale consumer visitations must occur on your property and be within the 100-person limit per day."

What does this mean?

You can make an appointment to visit the farm to purchase eggs, apples, pumpkins, vegetables, or trees & shrubs. Please note: apples, pumpkins, and vegetables must be pre-ordered, as you cannot pick your own, nor can we offer an onsite market for you to select from. We can also still offer field trips as education is included in the "agricultural use" of the Extensive Agriculture definition. We appreciate your support during this challenging time.

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