Farmer Tam - Prairie Gardens

Farmer Tam’s CSA Welcome Essay – [Now that it’s rained – I have time to write!]

The Sense of Place. (You are Home in a world of Change).

I have lived on my farm for 36 years. It’s a farm to care for and worry over, to love and to grow. Memories, stories and images and tears and futures and pasts and visions and dreams exist here. My heart is here. My land is here. My Husband is here. My Daughters are here. North of the 56 th Parallel. West of the 4 th Meridian. Home is where the heart is.

I marvel at the changes brought to us by this pandemic in the year of 2020. Everything is in uncertain. Our sustainable farm plan has been up-ended, opening doors for new learning and change. It’s going to be a different kind of year. And there’s been rain. More moisture than we know what to do with! After a couple of years of very dry springs – this one brings new abundance (and challenges). I’m pleased to share my Sense of Place – my Farm – with my CSA Families this summer. It can become your second Home. Just come and play awhile. Stay awhile. Refresh. Enjoy. Eat! Come feel the earth between your toes. Feel grounded again. In this place. Our Farm.

It’s this sense of place which gives us roots. The earth that provides for us – to its people – that I would like to share with you. I would not be the person I am right this moment without the history of my life: my family’s move from the mountains to our farm in the Prairies – in Rolling Hills, my move from southern Alberta to the farm here – North of 56. To be exact – the SW Quarter of 20-56-23 West of 4. Sturgeon County. Alberta. Canada. To a farm of black earth, abundance and joy. And mud! Did I mention mud?

Prairie Gardens has evolved over the years. It’s come full circle, back to when I first began in my twenties. From growing seven acres of broccoli in 1984 to growing 10 kinds of broccoli, and 100 varieties of all kinds of vegetables -with excitement in 2020. Life changes, Farming changes. In all of its surprises, the uncertainties; the droughts, the rains, the celebrations have all equaled growth, have all equaled the Power of Me, which comes from my sense of place. Well rooted. Here on our Farm.

What about the Power of You? Have you used this time of change to regroup? Re-energize? Become more thoughtful about the planet we share? Are you moving through time in the moment. Or are you trying to catch up? Are you so far in the future you have forgotten to live today? How do you drink? In huge desperate gulps? In tiny sips to make it last? Where are you right now? What have you suffered? What have you survived? What have you rejoiced? What have you regretted? In this body of yours, do you make slow deliberate rows, straight and efficient – preparing for what is next?

Are you sweet and sound? Do you encourage? Do you ask? Do you give love to all? Do you give love to you? Are you somersaulting? Standing? Sitting? Sliding? Survey your surroundings. Bring yourself. Home. No matter what land you command, the Power of Place is You.

Enjoy your summer with us! Feed yourself well. Take a moment to enjoy the moment. Be still. Be with your kids. Be with us. Enjoy the harvest and sense of place. From the farm. And it’s Famers.

Let the growing begin!
Farmer Tam