Come and see our 6 cornfield mazes close to Edmonton, including the Mega Corn Maze!

Farm Mazes Open Aug 2nd to Oct 31st

  • 6 Cornfield Mazes
  • Minotaur Kids Maze & Mindbender Maze (Open Aug 1st) and the Mega Maze (4 mazes in 1) (Grand Opening – Sept.20)

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What is a corn maze?

  • It’s the world’s largest interactive game!
  • It’s a challenge for the whole family to conquer together.
  • It’s teambuilding opportunity.
  • It’s REALLY HUGE fun!

Mega Maze Open for Groups by Reservation Only

Spend as little or as much time as you need in the world’s most dynamic and interactive puzzels! Mazes with over 7 km of paths, a scenic bridges, and clues. Don’t worry if you take the wrong path! Finding the stations in the maze will help you build-your-own map!