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Heritage Chicken Conservation Program Donations

  • Support Our Heritage Breeds

    Help us preserve rare and unique heritage breeds. There are a variety of ways to donate. To learn more about the breeds we raise, visit our "Chicken Breeds" page. Several of the breeds we raise are considered rare or endangered. Most heritage breeds do not lay at the rate of commercial chickens and are not preserved by industry farms. Instead they survive because of backyard flocks, small farms, and conservation efforts.
  • Thank You for Your Support

    There are a variety of ways to donate. Look below to view our online donation options. Otherwise, feel free to call 780.921.2272 to discuss our heritage breeds, conservation program, or to donate.
  • Price: $ 20.00 CAD Quantity:
    Although we grow many of the components of our chicken feed ourselves, we do supplement our feed with a professionally mixed laying-hen blend to ensure our hens get enough protein. Did you know that laying hens require 16-18% protein in their diet? Your donation will purchase enough feed for 25 heritage chickens for 1 week.
  • Price: $ 30.00 CAD Quantity:
    Oyster shells provide much-needed calcium for hens laying eggs and ensure their egg shells are strong! Your donation will purchase enough oyster shells for 40 chickens for two weeks.
  • Price: $ 50.00 CAD Quantity:
    Sunflower seeds help provide protein for our heritage chickens. They also provide oil that chickens use to preen their feathers, and give chickens some extra padding that keeps them warm through our cold winter months. Your donation will purchase a 50lb bag of sunflower seeds - enough for 40 chickens for two weeks.
  • Price: $ 150.00 CAD Quantity:
    We sell the eggs our hens lay at our Farm Market and as part of our CSA. All of our egg sales are re-invested in our Heritage Chicken Conservation Program and are used for things like bedding, feed, vaccinations, and housing improvements. Your donation will provide enough egg cartons for one month.
  • Price: $ 300.00 CAD Quantity:
    Did you know that hens have favourite nesting boxes? They usually also have a few back-ups just in case someone else is using their first choice when it's time to lay! Your donation will create 40 new nesting boxes for our hens.
  • $ 0.00 CAD
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