Company picnics on the farm

There’s the same old meeting at the regular old office: Blah blah blah, we’re putting cover sheets on all our TPS reports, blah blah, did you see the memo, blah, oh man, I really miss that donut from this morning – wait, did I say that out loud? My shoes are too tight.

Or there’s your meeting at Prairie Gardens: Howdy folks, before we break into teams for the A-Maizing Race, we just want to say thank you for all your hard work and name a couple of the great things that have happened recently – then strawberry shortcake, then we play until the campfire lunch. Best meeting ever.

Happiness is a day away

Company picnic campfire

Take your team out of the starchy old office for a day in the fresh air and sunshine just 25 minutes north of Edmonton. A real change of scene will refresh and refocus your staff and give them a well-deserved break from the regular routine.

Reconnect through all the playful activities on our 35-acre farm and then feast on farm fresh food that we grow right here (we really do make a mean strawberry shortcake). Choose a western chili cookout, BBQ beef buffet or book a private campsite for a hot dog picnic and marshmallow roast – ah, memories of summer camp.

Big people playing


Sometimes, it just takes a little play and laughter to lighten the mood, boost morale and bring your team together. By trying new things, you’ll get to know each other on a whole different level – and who knows, maybe bowling shirt guy that blows his nose too much will become your new break buddy.

You can book a meeting space to focus your team’s attention on a new product or direction. Come together in a new place for a wild brainstorm and planning session. Or create a day of customized team-building activities with Robert Manolson at Powerful Play – our go-to purposeful play guy.

Compete in the A-Maizing Race or the Farmer Olympics team-building programs and you’ll be running, climbing and playing all over the farm, working as a team and strengthening your working relationships.

Cheer yourselves on

Celebrate each other and your latest success with a play day away. When you take time to appreciate your good work, you build morale, job satisfaction and a strong team.

You could also celebrate by bringing everyone’s families to the farm. Then when you see how his baby girl eats strawberries, you’ll finally discover why your cube-mate’s ties all have big pink splotches.