Come to Corn Fest, Aug 31 – Sep 2

Looking for 2019 Corn Fest details? We’ve changed the name to Harvest Fest! Learn more about our Harvest Fest >

This Labour Day weekend, Aug 31 – Sep 2, bring the whole gang to the Prairie Gardens Corn Fest for their annual celebration of corn, corn and more corn! The corn mazes are mind bending, the corn cannon is loaded and some lucky corn-loving connoisseur will take home first prize in the gruelling corn-eating contest.

Love corny jokes?

During the fest, you’ll also see live music and family theatre, watch a balloon artist make amazing balloon stuff, learn how to make a corn doll, get your face painted and let loose your best joke in the corny kids joke contest. Here’s mine: What did baby corn say to mama corn? Where’s popcorn? Tee hee.

Corn fest cannonEat at the corncession

You’d better come hungry because we’ll be whipping up sweet steamed corn, corn bread and corn kebabs. And we have lots of yummy kinds of ice cream – I totally have your number.

Corn mazes

Prairie Gardens will have two corn mazes up and ready for Corn Fest – the Minotaur for little ones and the intermediate Mindbender. And starting Sep 15, the Mega Maze (four mazes in one) will be revealed – so you’ll need lots of practice.

Corn maze tips and tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks for running the corn maze – of course the fun is in getting turned around, so try your best to get really lost.

  • Corn fest mazeIf you recognize where you are, it means you’re going in circles. Backtrack until you are lost again. That’s a maze for you – all topsy-turvy.
  • If you get lost, don’t panic and call 911 – just walk straight in any direction and you’ll eventually get out.
  • Or take only right turns to find your way out of any maze.
  • Or actually just follow the little kids – they just have a sense for it.
  • Find a lookout bridge to get your bearings.
  • Check the brochure map you picked up at the General Store.
  • Or scan the QR codes with your phone at each checkpoint for trivia and tips that will help you find the end. Then celebrate with corn on the cob and ice cream.