Birthday party ABCs

All Aboard for your party, it’s your Birthday at last

You’ve come to the farm, where you’ll have a real blast

Birthday Party baby chick

There’s a Campfire, presents and Dogs, as in hot

And your mom brought a cake, she sure loves you a lot

Every one of your Friends will have Fun on your day

And there’s plenty of room to run every which way

Meet Goats and the sheep – and in spring there are chicks

And a parrot and peacocks thrown into the mix

In the fall, there are Ghosts and a spooky old town

Birthday Party cake

Try a Halloween party after dark at sundown

Of course we have Ice cream for after you’re done

With the Jumping and climbing and all of that fun

Kids who like gemstones that sparkle and shine

Will love to get wet at the Lost Lemon Mine

Or if you like running, you’ll love the big Maze

There’s plenty of Nature, fresh air and sunrays

Birthday Party pumpkinWe’ve already mentioned October’s fun games

But dress-up’s all year here for guys and for dames

Come as Pirates, me hearty, or royalty too

Be a real live Princess, one of the few

So Quick like a bunny (oh, we have those here too)

Go Run and tell mom that you’ll try something new

This Summer your birthday will be something neat

Birthday Party face painting

With a ride on the Train while you munch something sweet

If you’re older, stay Up Until after it’s dark

And tell scary stories and watch the fire spark

You can bring your own picnic with Veggies and stuff

Or let us fetch Weiners, marshmallows that puff

X marks the spot, so take aim and let fly

And shoot the big cannon to see pumpkins go high

Birthday Party duckraces

You are only Young once or that’s what they say

So take lots of time to play every which way

Zip, Zowie, Zoom – that’s how the kids sound

Until the drive home, when there’s ZZZs all around

There it’s done, we have done it! Yippee and hooray!

Now you know where to go for a special birthday